Did You Know These Fun Facts About Wine?

Other than the distinctive taste and numerous health benefits, there is a lot people should know about Wine and its sophistication.

Wine is not just a drink. it is a whole different world altogether. Wine has an opulent history culture and tradition as it has been a popular drink around the world for centuries. It is a complicated drink that requires years to produce in order to acquire the ideal taste. History and science are fermented in every bottle.






There is a specific type of wine for everyone because there are so many different sorts and brands to pick from. There are people who claim to be extremely knowledgeable about this liquor, but there is still so much to know about. In order to honour this beloved alcoholic beverage, here are some interesting facts about wine that you may share with your loved ones.

  1. Did you know that people around the world used to only drink wine to quench their thirst hundreds of years ago? When wine is manufactured naturally, it can eliminate salmonella and cholera-causing organisms because the water wasn’t always clean at the time. So instead of drinking water, they drank wine!
  2. In the modern day where wine is considered to be a sophisticated drink mostly consumed by women, there was once a time when in early Roman society, women were not allowed to consume alcohol. If their husbands detected their wives drinking alcohol, they may be put to death.





3. Okay, some of you might know this. The popular ‘swirl’ is done by wine tasters to unleash the scents of the wine. Also, they don’t fill the glass more than halfway full in order to provide room for these scents to linger.

4. Wine was seen as being too acidic in ancient Rome. So, to help counteract the acid, drinkers would actually put a piece of toasted bread in their cup, and that’s where the tradition of ‘raising a toast’ began.

5. What does “drink to one’s health” mean in its original language? The custom of having the host of the dinner be the first to drink the wine in case it was tainted was born in ancient Greece. Thus, they raise a glass for the well-being of their visitors.





6. There are moments during a wine-tasting session when some people don’t like or develop the taste of authentic wine. So, is it okay to spit the wine out? Yes, you can. It’s acceptable to spit out wine at a wine-tasting session. It is permissible to take a sip of wine while on such occasions, hold it in your mouth for a few seconds, and then choose whether to swallow it or spit it out. It also enables visitors to sample a wide variety of wines without getting intoxicated.

7. Did you know China is the world’s greatest consumer of red wine, despite being only the fifth-largest wine producer internationally? Not just because of the taste, but also because the government like red wine because it is lucky in Chinese culture and has a red hue.

8. To get the same quantity of antioxidants in wine, you would need to consume 20 glasses of apple juice or 7 glasses of orange juice.