Planning for Pregnancy? Before Conceiving, Train your Body with these Routine

To avoid any challenges and complications while planning for pregnancy, train your body with these pregnancy routines.

Conceiving a new human being inside a body makes you feel special and gives you a feeling of superiority; that only you can do this. Is it as simple as you believe? The answer is ‘No’. Carrying a baby inside a womb comes with lots of responsibilities before baby and after the baby. It starts with planning.

Planning a baby requires you to take into consideration several factors, such as financial stability to bear the added experience or the mental health of both partners to be able to welcome a child into their lives. Another important factor many women often miss is preparing their bodies for the challenges of carrying a baby. If your body is not fit or strong enough, you can have your pregnancy journey filled with pain, complications, and other discomforts.

To train your body for pre-pregnancy, we have brought you a routine and exercises that strongly prepare you for giving birth to a new life.

Do not rush; hire a trainer






Looking after a body is good, especially when a couple is planning to increase their family, but you must consult a trainer who is trained and guides a mother properly in this beautiful journey. Rushing can make things wrong, which is not at all allowed in the pregnancy journey. What some parents-to-be do is start training without taking any information or consultation from anyone, and later they regret it. Before getting into training, you have to ensure that the moves that you are performing correctly or not have proper form and alignment.

Starts with cardio







Doing cardio makes you fit, especially if a couple is planning a baby. It is said so because the expectant mother’s blood volume increases by 45%, her heart rate increases, and many mothers-to-be face the risk of having gestational hypertension. And cardio helps to get relief from all this stress. Cardio includes walking, running, swimming, aerobics, cycling, and dancing. Cardio can continue while a mother is pregnant, but it is necessary to have a consultation with the doctor so that a couple can make sure of all the possible safety.

Make your pelvic floor strong







First, understand what the pelvic floor is. A pelvic floor is a group of muscles that supports the region of the bladder, uterus, and bowel. Pregnancy places strain on the pelvic floor, a network of muscles at the pelvic base. Weaknesses in this area can lead to issues like incontinence or discomfort during pregnancy. To enhance pelvic floor strength, consider exercises such as the happy baby pose, heel slides, quick flick kegels, lunges, and squats.

Apart from this, it is also necessary to strengthen the core muscles that support the rapid growth of the uterus and abdomen.  If a mother has weak core muscles, then it leads to lower back pain and discomfort, which can be a struggle to bear the increasing weight. With planks and side planks, a mother can enhance abdominal flexibility with breathing exercises. Exercises such as yoga and pilates help improve the flexibility and core strength of the mother.

Focus on breathing techniques and a pregnancy diet







It is said that as the child grows inside the mother, it compresses the lungs, which increases the problem of breathing. Due to not having a proper inhale and exhale, a mother couldn’t take a walk properly. It is advisable to breathe before pregnancy as well as during pregnancy. Before pregnancy, it keeps you trained for forthcoming breathing problems as the child grows inside you, and during pregnancy, it helps to keep your stress calm and prepares you for labour pain, which also requires good breathing while giving birth.

Look after your mental health








Here, looking after mental health is not only for the mother-to-be but also for the father-to-be because it is not only women who become mothers but men who also become fathers. Bad mental health directly affects the health of the eggs and semen that help a couple become parents. If you want a healthy and sound child, then you have to first work on yourself. Only then can you get a healthy baby.

Apart from this, mental health is not only about being depressed. Sometimes, getting news of a pregnancy can lead to anxiety, and postpartum depression is a whole big topic with in. Why should there be an anxiety? It is a journey of entering a new phase of life, so enjoy the time and give good lessons to your child.



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