Indian Mysteries With Their Unresolved Secrets

With limitless history comes the darkness of mysteries. Let’s dive into some horrific mysteries of India which are unresolved to date.

Jwala Ji Temple (Kagra)



Jwala Ji temple in Kangra is believed to have superior power.



In the laps of the lower Himalayas near Kangra, there is a mystery temple dedicated to a Hindu goddess who has long resided there as an immortal flame. The unexpected reality is that the flame has been burning flawlessly and in blue colour ever since it was lit. Science has not yet determined the cause of this, and the Jwala Ji shrine is one of the most famous features of India.

The Taj Mahal (Agra)



What could be the real story of this monument which is one of the seven wonders of the world?



A few mysteries hidden in the backdoor of history may be found in the Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world. The fort was originally a Shiva temple in Agra, according to the book “The actual narrative of Taj Mahal.” Shah Jahan eventually conquered the temple and gives it the name Mumtaj Mahal.

Researchers claim that a few rooms in the fort that have been locked since Shah Jahan’s period have evidence that the mausoleum was formerly a Shiva temple. It is said that time and wait reveals everything but the existence of the Taj Mahal being a matter of debate makes it even more mysterious.

Floating Stones (Rameswaram)



Floating stones on the water are quite a mystery.



Science demonstrates that objects float or sink depending on whether they are less dense than the water. However, in Rameswaram, we observe floating stones, defying this Archimedes idea. Although pumice stone science and other hypotheses regarding floating stones exist, the enigma hasn’t been fully answered because the type of stones we find in Rameswaram don’t have air bubbles to let them float. It is an extremely dense rock, heavier than water.

Twins Village of India (Kerela)



Have you ever heard of anything like ‘twins village’?



The “twins village” is a remote Kodinhi village in Kerala with the name Malappuram. Due to the startlingly high rate of twin births in the community, it is known as the “Village of Twins.” Now, this town claims to have 220 twin pairs. According to scientists, the particular cause of this is due to the chemicals in the local water.

The cursed village of Kuldhara (Rajasthan)



People have disappeared and died in this cursed village.



The legend surrounding Kuldhara, a village in the state of Rajasthan, is based on a few unsolved tales. It housed more than 1,500 people for more than five centuries. The community was teeming with plants and fauna until one day when residents abruptly disappeared overnight without leaving any trace of their presence. Their disappearance is linked to a story of two lovers that an irate father muses over, as well as to the theory that the peasants have differing views on their rulers.

Whatever the causes, one thing is constant. They cursed the community before they went so that no one else could reside there. Currently, kuldhara is only known for its crumbling houses and deafening quiet. Numerous attempts of building homes there was just an invitation to death for those people.



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