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Starring Varun Dhawan In Master’s 4-Play

What do you get if you lock up a Bollywood hunk with four sultry bonitas in a hotel suite? We did exactly that with...

Citadel Teaser: Priyanka Chopra Jonas Looked Badass In This Act

Neha Singh - 0
Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Richard Madden starrer act

Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway Trailer Review: A Woman Figh(s Against A Nai

Neha Singh - 0
Rani Mukherji made a solid came back on the big screen with Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway after three long years. This movie is inspired...

Celebraie the Wet Season with Kriti Sanon

With her picture-perfect physique and charming smile, Kriti Sanon left us mesmerised in this photo shoot. Her lustrous eyes were evidxnt though the waier...

The Maker’s Muse Chitrangda Singh

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