It’s Ballooning… Is it a Pant or a Balloon?

The Fashion Industry Seems to Have Caught a New Obsession: Absolutely Non-Sense Trends! Let’s See the Latest Apparel to Fall Victim to This Obsession.

We’ve seen a lot of weird and unusual things in fashion, but this might be the weirdest of them all. Supremely unwearable and extremely ugly, this is one trend even we cannot figure out how to style. Balloon pants are the latest trend to hit the runway as designer Harikrishnan showcased his collection at the London Fashion Week. These pants first set the internet alight in 2020 when he presented his London College of Fashion graduate collection that featured his gravity-defying inflatable latex trousers. This creation is what earned his label a show on the opening day of the Spring/Summer 2023 edition of London Fashion Week.




Balloon Pants by Harikrishnan




At best, these pants can be called a fad, not a trend. A trend implies something that looks good on the wearer, and this ain’t it! Another factor is practicality, which is definitely not present here. Even we are hard pressed about finding something good about these pants. The pants give a medieval look, almost like something Sinbad would wear. These inflatable balloon pants cannot be called fashion as there is nothing actually fashionable – or practical – about these pants. Although, if one really likes them, they could wear these as a Halloween costume.

Harri’s buoyant bottoms were conceptualized from a humorous thought he had of visualising himself from his dog’s perception. To translate this thought of him being a giant figure with big legs and a small head and to satisfy these proportions, he turned to latex as no other material could achieve this look. These pants come with a Carmo 7mm free flow valve that is responsible for the inflated look. Another thing they come with, is a warning not to overinflate them which is something even we don’t want to see – blowing up your pants so much that they pop! These pants are a great hassle to deal with – talcum powder needs to be used before use, they need to be kept away from heat, daylight, metals and oils. Latex polish needs to be used on a regular basis and they can only be cleaned by cold hand wash.




Balloon Pants by Harikrishnan




These pants are a fashion faux. Nobody likes feeling like a cartoon character, but that is the vibe these blown clown pants give. A statement in camp dressing, these pants seem to be a nod to the circus – think clowns, ridiculous shoes, clothes needing to be cello-taped to the body – and there seems to be a slight feel of fetish owing to the use of latex. Wearing these pants anywhere is out of the question – there is more chance of you being laughed at than of receiving compliments for your outfit! Not to mention, how uncomfortable wearing them is going to be. We love balloons, but not enough to wear them to work! But, if you do love them this much, you’re free to get these pants. Just don’t be too shocked if something sharp pricked them and your pants burst in front of a throng of people!