You Cannot Walk in These Pumps

Walking in comfort means getting your hands on comfortable footwear. If you want to avoid discomfort in your life, these are the pumps you need to avoid.

Bottega Veneta is a force to reckon with when talking about stocking up on wardrobe staples. Even though we agree they make amazing footwear, some of those creations are better left on the ‘not fit for purchase’ list. If you’re looking for new footwear to stock your wardrobe with, we’d suggest you give this a read before jumping in feet-first! This time we have Bottega Veneta’s Textured Leather Pumps to dissect, and dissect them we did! Read ahead to see what we found out.




Wearing these pumps will give you the worst shoe bite you’ve probably ever had.



The Textured Leather Pumps come in 4 colours and are slip-on. The heel height is 3.5 inches which we concede is a pretty balanced height. The pumps are made from supple textured leather and the design features an elongated square toe and elasticated vamp. The elasticated vamp is supposed to offer a snug fit, but it is far from being comfortable. Although the square toe seems a good addition to the shoes, it’s not anything particularly eye-catching. We’d even go so far as to say it actually ruins the look of the pumps. The square toe is also not highly comfortable either.

The textured leather does enhance the look and feel of the pumps, but there is another flaw in the design. There is a leather piece running across the back of the heel that moves the shoe into highly uncomfortable territory. The elastic of the pumps is extremely tight and uncomfortable and no matter what you do, it just won’t loosen up. The leather piece running across the back sours the whole experience of wearing them since it cuts into the back of the wearer’s Achilles heel. Wearing these pumps will give you the worst shoe bite you’ve probably ever had. So, if you want to get these, you’ll need to be well-prepared with sprays that make wearing uncomfortable shoes easier.




Don’t wear these pumps barefoot!



Another piece of advice if you want to get your hands on these pumps: don’t wear them barefoot. Always wear them over socks, or stockings, or something that acts as a barrier between the pumps and your foot. If you’re just wearing these to and from the car, go ahead and get them. But if you need them for an occasion that needs running around, steer clear of these pumps! Like we’ve already warned you, don’t jump in feet-first!



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