All the things you need to know about Oscars in 2022

Did you miss out on anything? The entire Oscars 2022 award show was a “Blast”. The crowd was shocked, when Will Smith slapped Chris rock. Chris Rock’s humour was so harsh that the lines created a huge scene in the award show. To know more about this drama and some glamorous performances, read further!

In Oscars 2022 nomination was beyond amazing. Counting everything will be hard but, some of these are highlights of Oscar night. Though Oscars winning list always surprises the audience, this year’s winners made a huge buzz on the internet. Know all about it, here!


  • Will Smith slaps Chris Rock on the stage.

Oscar-winner Will Smith slapped Chris rock for Pinkett Smith!

Christopher Julius Rock is also known as a stand-up comedian. He was appointed to be on the stage, made an offensive joke on Will Smith’s wife. Jada Pinkett Smith was mentioned by Chris Rock and he said, he could not wait to see Pinkett Smith in G.I Jane2. He was referring to her wife being bald, it led Will Smith to shout at him. He spoke up, Keep my wife’s name out of your fucking mouth! He went up to the stage and slapped him hard. Chris Rock was shocked and then started laughing, but everyone in the crowd finds his humour “tasteless”. Even Pinkett Smith was found eye-rolling and pissed at his joke.

Though after a while Will Smith was called upon the stage, for his Best Actors award. He broke down while he gave his Oscar speech, and apologized. Though this huge drama became a meme moment. When this Oscar clip got released, people started making memes.


  • Beyonce Glamorous performance.

94th Academy award show Beyonce gave her grand performance.

The American singer, Beyonce made her first live performance at the Oscar. Beyonce’s performance was outside the hall in an open space, she performed “Be alive” at the 94th award show. She gave her performance in a neon yellow outfit, which made the whole performance quite lively. Her back-up dancer performed with her, and made the performance quite grand as “Oscar”. Fans were mentioning, that Oscar should be yours, my queen!


  • Ariana DeBose gave her Oscar speech.

First Queer woman Ariana DeBose made her way towards Oscar!

Hamilton’s co-actress won Oscars as Best supporting actresses. She is the first Afro-Latina from the queer community. Ariana DeBose wore red bold outfit for the night and gave a speech about her community which made Oscar highlight this moment. She mentions you can see openly a queer and woman of color, strengthening in life through art this is what we celebrate. She gave this emphatic speech mentioning, if you find yourself in the grey space for your identity, I assure you that there is a needed place for us. Her grand entrance on the stage for the 94th Academy awards made quite an impact on her fans.


  • Amy Scheme, Regina Hall and Wanda Sykes roasted celebrities in Oscar.

Best Patriarchy roast led by Wanda Sykes, Amy Schemer, and Regina Hall.

These three women Amy Schemer, Wanda Sykes, and Regina Hall were co-hosts in the Oscar 2022. During the opening lines they mention, this year academy hired three women to host because it is cheaper than hiring one man. These slapping lines to patriarchy made Oscar a highlight. Amy Schemer even made a burning roast on Leonardo DiCaprio dating life, he has done so much to fight climate change and left behind a greener and cleaner planet for his girlfriend.



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